Because you are a valued patient at our clinic, we care about your opinion, observation about our practice and the service that you receive. Please take a moment to share your experience with us. 

Leticia Foronda, RN
Emergency Room, St. Anthony’s Hospital

“A close friend introduced me to Dr. Vu and my health life changed forever.  I finally found a doctor who really has the holistic approach to medicine.  He has personal concern over my health issues, including weight control and management.  He also has a very organized office with friendly and professional staff.  These are a few of the reasons why I chose to be a patient here and referred my family, relatives and friends.” 

Don Foronda, RN
Transplant ICU, Memorial Hermann Medical Center

“My wife brought me to Dr. Vu’s office and I am glad I came.  I am impressed with the fact that Dr. Vu can access the results of my diagnostic tests and labs at the touch of a button.  His office is computerized and I really like this.  I have two busy careers and I am also a social network freak, so this is helpful to me.  His clinic proves that physician practice can be high tech, without sacrificing personal touch.” 

Trini, RN- Retired
Nurse Manager, PACU, M.D. Anderson Hospital 

“My cousin referred me to Dr. Vu and I had been coming to his clinic for several years.   I also brought my late mom, as well as other family members to see him.  I travel a lot and often stay out of the country for long periods of time. He keeps up with my medical issues, keeps me updated with what I need such as vaccinations, or the necessary labs.  It makes me feel secure and comfortable that someone is paying close attention to my health concerns even when I am physically away.” 

Victor Ortega
Communication Specialist, Sprint 

“I was having problems with my PCP because of my insurance.  A close friend referred me to Dr. Vu.  He was able to squeeze me into his tight schedule and I saw him shortly. Also, I was impressed with the friendly and professional office staff.  My medical records were transferred smoothly and the transition process was quick and seamless to me.  In addition to Dr. Vu being thorough and comprehensive in his exam, he is also easy to talk to and he is accessible even on the weekends.  I brought my wife to see him too.  I am really glad I switched physicians. I have also referred another friend to see him since then. He is also happy with Dr. Vu.” 

Asuncion Ortega
Retail Sales Clerk, Walgreens Pharmacy

“My husband brought me to see Dr. Vu.  I agree with my husband’s experience at the clinic.  It was an easy transition.  He referred me to an OB/Gyn practitioner and made sure I got an appointment very quickly.  One of my best experiences has been Dr, Vu’s accessibility, even for quick visits, especially when I get sick at work.  I did not feel like going “through a ringer” when I call for consultation over the phone.  I am really satisfied with the services. 

Elsie Gumabong, RN
Assistant Nurse Manager, M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital

“I had been hearing about Dr. Vu from my cousin, so I decided to come and see him.  Whatever she was telling us about him and his office were all true.  Typically, my experience with doctor’s visits has been sitting in the waiting room for what if seems like forever.  In Dr. Vu’s clinic, I was attended to right away by friendly and helpful office staff.  In addition, I was seen by the doctor himself, and not by a PA or a nurse practitioner.  He also calls me directly with lab results even on the weekends.  When I had been sick at home, he called and checked on me.  It was just a matter of time when I brought my husband and other family members to see him too.  My most significant experience was when my husband had an accident at his job in Galveston.  Dr. Vu was checking on him and me to make sure he was taken care of and I got what I needed. Mt husband had surgery, and a week later was finally able to be transferred to Houston.  He offered to help with the process, which included looking for an  accepting physician.” 

Emilio Gumabong,
Merchant Marine,disabled 

“My wife took me to Dr. Vu and I really like him.  He spends time with me each visit explaining to me what was going on.  I finally understood what diabetes mellitus is all about.  He followed me up closely and tried to accommodate my schedule when I used to be working at sea.  When I became disabled from a work related accident, he helped me with the paperwork required by the insurance company and the government.  He has always been accessible to me and treated me with respect and concern as a patient.  The office is organized with friendly and helpful staff.” 

Emma Wexler
Retired chemist, Exxon Mobile

“I am one of the many relatives referred to Dr. Vu.  I had been spending several months with my daughter in California.  I try to see him when I am in Houston, and his office always accommodated me.  I had a medical scare a few years ago which really made me appreciate Dr. Vu even more. I experienced sudden severe headache with nausea, vomiting, and a fainting spell. This happened during a car trip to Dallas with my family.  I ended up in ICU at a local Dallas hospital, and had several tests and procedures, including a cardiac catheterization.  When I finally came back to Houston, the symptoms persisted, although less intense.  Dr. Vu did a thorough exam in his clinic.  When he told me he wanted to do acupuncture, I agreed.  At this point, I was willing to try anything that will relieve my headache, and I trust Dr. Vu.  Besides, the acupuncturist staff was an experienced therapist.  The procedure worked and my headache was completely gone.  Dr. Vu made me a believer in eastern medicine after this.  Dr. Vu,is an experienced and U.S. trained physician, who integrates his oriental background and experience, in his medical practice.  This is rare and unique, and one of several reasons why I like going to his office. 

Orrin Wexler
Retired US Postal Worker

“Like my wife, I spend several months in California, but I still come to see Dr. Vu, when I visit Houston.  His office staff is nice and tries to facilitate my visits.  I like the fact that I do not have to wait a long time before Dr. Vu actually sees me.  This is very important for me especially since our stay in Houston is limited.  In addition, he takes care of my health problems totally.  He had been urging me to lose weight, since my obesity contributed to a few of my medical problems.  Now that I am several pounds lighter, I feel a lot better.  I consider myself lucky to have Dr. Vu as my physician.” 

Bennie Joe Guevarra
Manager, Guevarra Autoworks

“My mom referred me to Dr. Vu.  I like the idea that it is easy to make an appointment and the office employees are friendly.  I am a very health conscious individual, so I consult with Dr. Vu very often.  Sometimes, my mom, who is a nurse, even tells me that there is no cause for alarm, when I tell her my symptoms.  Nevertheless, Dr. Vu takes time to listen to me as I give him a litany of my medical problems.  He does not make me feel that what I share with him is trivial.” 

Bennie James Guevarra
Proprietor, Guevarra Autoworks

“I have a lot of allergies since I was a child, so I had been going to doctor’s offices and clinics. The worst experience I had growing up, was the waiting for hours to be actually seen by the doctor. This all changed when I came to Dr. Vu’s clinic. I am a busy man and I do not have a lot of time to wait.  Being able to make appointments fast and easy is important to me.  On top of that, I do not have to sit around in the waiting room for a long time. Dr. Vu spends time to explain to me what is going on with me and does not make me feel like I am wasting his time.  I also like the staff because they are polite and helpful.    

Cennie Guevarra, LVN, retired

“I used to work for Dr. Vu. and  I heard the patients commenting about how happy they were after their  office visits.  When I became his patient, I realized why they were glad to see him.  He makes me feel important, and he listens patiently as I tell him my clinical symptoms.  The appointment process is simple, and registration can be accessed on line.  The office staff always act professionally and are nice and helpful .I have referred my family members to his office.”