As primary care doctors, we are trained to manage the "whole person." CI Medical Center's primary care physicians in internal medicine, general practice, family medicine and associated allied health professionals have special interest in wellness and the treatment of chronic diseases to keep you healthy.

We focus on weight loss, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, as well as physical therapy. We believe life is uncertain and want to empower our patients with knowledge and early detection screening to increase your odds for healthy living.

A primary care practice serves as the patient's first point of entry into the health care system and as the continuing focal point for all needed health care services. Choose us as your medical home. We emphasize technology and use an electronic medical record system, to centralize your medical information and coordinate your care. As an established provider of primary care, in internal medicine, general practice and family medicine in our community, we have strong relationships with medical specialists and hospitals that are of an immediate resource for us in caring for your health.

Our practice welcomes walk-in patient for urgent medical conditions, as well as for routine family medicine, internal medicine, and general practice health conditions. We also provide physical therapy for simple aches and pain, as well as for complicated rehab cases after surgery and/or stroke. For our patient's convenience, we are open on Saturday. We also have on site various diagnostic testing equipment such as laboratory testing, treadmill stress test, pulmonary function testing and peripheral artery disease (PAD) evaluation for the early detection and prevention of heart and lung disease.

With the confidence entrusted to us by you, your friends and family, we provide comprehensive, yet individualized, examination and treatment. We consider it our responsibility to educate our patients about their conditions and the various choices available to them. Our practice continually focuses on the importance of the wonderful diversity among the people in this Houston community in which we serve. Our physicians strive to have an ideal makeup of experience and youth. We would like to learn about your personal values and traditions. We too are multi-cultural and multi-lingual, an important characteristic that we will maintain. We rely on, and are grateful to all who support our effort: our patients and their family, our staff, our affiliated hospitals, and our fellow community physicians with whom we have had the privilege of working.