Ways to Improve Your Exercise Workout (Top Ten)


Sometimes exercise workouts work and sometimes they work for a while and then fizzle. If you are not sure that you are reaping all of the necessary benefits from your workout then read on for the top 10 ways, according to ACE, America's Authority of Fitness, to make the most of your fitness time.


1. Modify the intensity and/or mode of your workout.


Doing the same thing over and over again can become dull. Over time you may find that you do not seem to be accomplishing anything. If this describes your workouts in a nutshell, then vary the intensity in order to prevent having to deal with conditioning plateaus. This will put your body in a place where it has to adapt to new movements as well as different intensities. Think outside the box on this one!


2. Enlist the help of a personal trainer.


Hire yourself a personal trainer to help you get on track and to keep you there. The trainer will have lots of workout suggestions that will help you move forward. Also you can be assured of challenging yourself this way.


3. Eat a nutritious diet and drink lots of water.


Never starve your muscles before or after you work out. Muscles need fuel. The more fuel you burn, the more they require. The proper nutrients help to build muscle as well as to repair tissues that have become damaged. You should always drink plenty of water, even when you don't feel that you need it. Muscles require proper hydration to work to their absolute best.


4. Quality plays a greater role than quantity.


Intense workouts that are done less often are more likely to yield the results you are aiming for. The body needs rest and a period of recovery after intense workouts, in order to repair damaged tissues. Allow your body what it needs. This is also a way to decrease the chance of injuries.


5. Add mind-body training to your exercise routine.


Mind-body training such as yoga and tai chi can yield many benefits. Examples of these include better flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscular strength.


6. Schedule exercise when it is a good time for you.


It is not always easy to do, but do not just exercise when your schedule allows but try to exercise at a time that is genuinely right for you. The best workouts are the ones that take place when your energy level is the highest.


7. Find an exercise buddy.


Finding an exercise buddy or workout partner will keep you both motivated to work out. You might even want to engage in some light friendly competition.


8. Give your breathing the importance it deserves.


When you do cardiovascular exercise, always take full, complete breaths to allow for an ample supply of oxygen. When you are engaging in strength training exercises, full breaths are also of utmost importance- when exerting breathe out, and upon releasing, breathe in.


9. Make use of a heart-rate monitor.


Use a heart-rate monitor to let you know how hard you are exercising.  Your target heart rate will guide you in having satisfactory workouts.


10. Pick up the pace (and your spirits) with some tunes



Music and exercise go hand in hand. Whether you have your stereo going in the basement while you work out, or your MP3 player in your ears, use music as a fun way to help you keep pace and to keep you going!






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