Exercise for Beginners - Beginning Walking and Aerobics


Now that you have made the decision to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine, you may be wondering just where to start. One of the easiest ways to get into the habit of regular exercise is to lead off with simple walking and a dash of light aerobics. Here are some ideas on how to begin this process and have a lot of fun in the process.


Walking is something that most of us see as simply a means of getting from the car to various places. Unlike our ancestors, we don't tend to walk very much during the course of the day. This has led to many of the emotional and physical aches and pains that we feel. We simply don't move our bodies as much as we should.


Because you probably have not really walked as a form of exercise, you may want to begin at a relatively low level and work your way up. For example, try taking a brisk walk around the block. Swing your arms while walking, and keep the pace at something akin to your forward movement the last time you spied an item on sale at the store. Assess your performance after one round. If you have a slightly elevated heart rate but otherwise feel pretty good, then add another block to the routine. Incrementally work your way up to at least thirty minutes of brisk walking per day, preferably in one session.


Aerobic exercises come in many forms. You can do these simple resistance and stretching exercises at a gym, with a video, or in the pool. Start out with simplistic routines that are designed to help your muscles and skeletal structure become limber. This will pave the way for something more ambitious at a later date. To begin with, just enjoy the sensations that the lighter aerobics provide for your mind and body.


One important aspect of beginning to exercise again is not to compare yourself to others. Your goal is not to keep up with anyone else, but to improve your overall health. Comparing yourself to others at this point will do nothing but cause discouragement and prompt you to give up before you even get started.


It doesn't matter if your neighbor is walking for an hour each day or that your friends are doing complicated aerobic routines three or four times a week. Start off with routines that are within your reach, and realize that in a short time you will be adding another ten minutes to your walk and going for aerobic exercises that are a little more complicated. Until then, revel in the fact that you are starting to enjoy exercising again.  

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